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Should Not Do!

Updated: Dec 23, 2017

Natural presented an Amazing for everyone can deserve and get treatment with the nature. Oxygen Tour Koh Tao very concern about environment and under the ocean kindly read and make understading that what Should not do when you come to snorkeling with us!!

Become our beloved and take good care about environment under the ocean with us for keep the nature of Koh Tao still beautiful ever!


1. Do not step on a coral: Coral is a long-lived organism that grows. It is also a fragile animal. Little exposure can cause coral death. Pedaling or standing on a coral in addition to breaking the coral may also cause the diver to injure.

2. Do not kick the sludge to scatter: while diving, sanding Fins near the sand will stir the sediment. Spread to scatter the coral. The algae that inhabit the coral which act as photosynthesis to produce food and oxygen to the coral. Incomplete work In addition, the water or sediment that is stirred also makes small animals. Living on sand for shelter. Blown up and vulnerable to being hunted by other animals.

3. Not chasing or catching marine organisms: Chasing animals causes stress and fear. In addition, direct contact of the animals may be transmitted through pathogens to animals. Or make the coating to protect the skin, such as fish, mammals. Other invertebrates Divers should not chase and try to get too close.

4. Do not feed fish: Because it will depend on animals, but food from tourists. And make animals interact with humans more. This could harm both animals and humans. In addition, the remaining food remains in the coral reef. Add nutrients in the sea. Accelerate the growth of algae This will take the island of coral larvae. And if the fish change its behavior to eat human food. It will reduce the consumption of natural algae. Make more seaweed. (Click read – Why should not fish be fed in the sea?)

5. Do not put garbage in the sea: Marine waste causes many problems, such as many animals such as whale sharks, or even birds that eat fish, mistakenly think that plastic is food and eat it. Also toxic in contaminated waste. If into the sea and into the food chain. It would have a negative impact on the human end-user. In addition, the shredded shoreline also affects us and the beach and beach life.

6. Do not collect anything from the sea: remove some organisms from the ecosystem. Make the natural balance disturbed. Some organisms may lack the necessary nutrients and nutrients to grow. Even shells and coral reefs on the beach. It also contributes to the creation of sand. This is the habitat of many kinds of organisms.

7. Do not put on gloves while traveling. Diving: The diver is wearing gloves to keep himself safe from catching marine organisms. May be wrong. In addition to making the coral more likely to fracture. It also makes divers close to coral reef creatures. Some animals may be harmful to humans.

8. Do not Shoot Fish While Traveling Diving: Shooting a fish is a great hunting and snorkeling activity on coral reefs. This makes the balance in the ecosystem change. Shooting a fish can cause the fish to escape, get injured, die and die slowly. In addition, divers and those who are nearby may be harmed by fishing equipment.

9. Do not leave the anchor in the reef: it will damage the coral reef. When the wind changes direction, it causes more damage. Because of the chain. Or a tie with anchor anchor on the reef. Should explore under the boat before leaving anchor.

10. Do not collect coral reefs and marine life as souvenirs: a collection of souvenirs from the sea. Will the number of organisms and invertebrates in the sea be lost from the ecosystem? If there is no buyer, there will not be a seller. It should help to preserve and keep these organisms naturally.

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